Thursday, November 6, 2008

An update finally!

For those of you who are still trying to follow my silly blog that never gets updated, here's an update finally. I got discouraged because I would write my updates and then go to add photos and I would lose the whole thing! SO frustrating! That is why there haven't been any photos the last couple of times that I've written.
I will add photos later today, but I wanted to get out there all the crazy things that have been going on in our life down here in GA!
Ryan started school in August. He is doing really well in Pre-K and loves his teachers and is learning SO much! He is still really into Star Wars but has added a new found love and skill with Guitar Hero! :) He is actually pretty good! He of course loves to "rock out" and is begging us to let him take up learning to play the electric guitar. He turns 5 on the 28th of this month. I swear sometimes I think he's turning 15! :)
Liam has been having a ball being home with Ronin and me during the day. We play lots of play-doh and I doubt in my lifetime I'll ever forget what happens when you "Give a Pig a Pancake" since we MUST read that book at least 5 times a day! He is getting big and talks and talks and get the idea.
Ronin is 11 months already! I can't believe he's going to be 1! Time flies by way too fast! He is getting ready to walk. He stands and barely holds on and then he will let go and stand for a few seconds. It will be no time at all before I'm going to be chasing him around the house!
Sean's job is going well. There's not a whole lot to say about that. He has been moved up to the Systems Analyst group. I'm really proud of him and all the work he's been doing on some pretty difficult projects.
I have started school. I'm finally going to finish my degree so that I can teach! I'm pretty excited, although I'm a bit nervous as well. As if my life wasn't busy enough...I thought I'd add one more thing! :) It's all pretty exciting and I will be hopefully a licensed teacher in just a couple of years! YAY!


The Whitings in Philly said...

hi Diane! well, honestly I don't really "follow" your blog but I was looking at Ginny's and clicked on great that you updated! everything sounds familiar. funny how our kids all turned out to be about the same age. i'm glad things seem to be going well. good luck with school...what age are you hoping to teach? i'm sure that is a lot to do. well, i gotta run too...every minute of nap time is precious! love from us here in Philly!

The Milton Family said...

Deeez!! I have missed you. Do you still have the same email account!? Help a sista out. I need to get in touch with you! Anyway, I am so glad to hear all is well. Proud of you for going back. Are you still taking care of kids too?? I want to see some pics of the kids, your new house and GA in general. Are you guys coming to VA for the holidays? Love and miss ya. Gin

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to Atlanta in a couple of weeks for an eye conference.
Email me sometime: I haven't seen you in years.

April Hedrick